NeuVida is a naturally stable cooking oil with superior fry-life. It is heat stable even under intense heat of up to 245°C. This makes NeuVida an ideal healthy oil for every style of cooking; from salads to baking and deep-frying.

Viva La NeuVida

In Spanish, ‘Nevo means New‘, and ‘Vida is Life‘. Together, the 2 words means New Life; a very wholesome name indeed.

While oil is generally regarded as a necessary evil, it is good to know that there is now a good cooking oil which can actually benefit your health. In terms of oil profile, NeuVida has set a new world standard in cooking oil.

  • More Omega-9 goodness (82%) than even olive oil (72%).
  • Lowest saturated fat amongst all cooking oils.
  • Zero trans fat.
  • Heat stable even at temperature of 245°c.
  • Contains more nutrition.
  • Naturally healthy. Naturally stable.

In short, NeuVida is,

  • A healthy oil – high in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated fat.
  • A versatile oil – suitable for use as a salad dressing and also excellent for high heat cooking like deep frying.
  • Reasonably priced – while imported, it does not cost as much as olive oil.

NeuVida Packing:

Packaging Net Weight / Carton(kg) Approx. Carton / Container 20ft’ Units / Carton
1 kg PET bottle 12.0 1141 12
2 kg PET bottle 12.0 1162 6